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World-class education for life-changing biological & advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)

Biologicals & ATMPs live classroom training tips and advice at CeutiQus BAM by Dr Jasbir Rattu

Could your biological and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) manufacturing organisation benefit from expert ATMP Qualified Person (QP) guidance and education to accelerate your progress and impact?

Do you want to develop your team into more effective, productive, retainable, high performance, and increasingly valuable asset? 

Do you want your company to have a long-lasting competitive edge over your competition?

We believe we offer the industry’s best education on making ATMPs as we have been successfully designing bespoke education for our consultancy client ATMP companies on a diverse range of ATMP topics for over a decade with consistently outstanding feedback and testimonials.

Our offering for education is of two types.

1) We offer custom-made education for clients based on their specific products, processes, procedures, facility design and people backgrounds. This custom designed training offers the ultimate competitive edge as it is exclusive education that only you receive. If interested, you will be invited to a free 30 minute consultation to understand your needs and a concept design proposal. Send us a message in the form below to discuss your free consultation.

2) We have also built a very large library of off-the-shelf ATMP educational material that would benefit all ATMP companies which we offer as publicly available education for all companies either as live in-person classroom style training or as digital online education. We call this extensive biological and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) education and transformational program the BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM).

BAM is a world-class fundamental education program on how to make biological and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), better. It has been designed from over 10 years of cutting-edge consulting experience in ATMP manufacturing with our clients in mind. It covers a depth of insights in both the the cutting-edge science and regulatory compliance of ATMPs.

It consists of up to 24 days of transformational training designed to give your team the very best chance at becoming their best, most productive and effective selves.

BAM has been developed by CeutiQus, a leading ATMP manufacturing consultancy with over 10 years experience leading cutting-edge ATMP organisations from start-ups, scale-up to large multinationals.

Designed by one of the most distinguished, qualified and experienced expert ATMP Industrial Pharmacist Qualified Person (QP) consultants in the industry. 

BAM is developed by a world-class Biologicals & ATMP consultancy (CeutiQus) and leading teacher-expert-practitioner with outstanding student feedback and delivered in a fun, safe and friendly learning environment.

With BAM you can now save yourself years of struggle and enjoy the progress that you desire.

Frustrated by training courses or trainers that


Overload you with superficial information that’s not actually useful?


Cost you time, energy and money with futile training?


Don’t have sufficient expertise, understanding or communication skills to effectively teach you what you really need?


Make big promises but don’t deliver on them?

Introduction to Biologics and advanced therapy medicinal products ATMPs

Getting high quality biologics & ATMP education from a high calibre teacher-expert-practitioner is rare.

Group exercises in biological and advanced therapy medicinal products education and training at CeutiQus BAM by Dr Jasbir Rattu

When you don’t have the right biologicals and ATMP education to support you in your career, it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed.

But don’t settle for

Less understanding and clarity

Less skill and enjoyment

Less rewards and recognition

when you can have much more.

Save yourself years of time, energy and money with our biologicals & ATMP education & training

Get a great return on time invested

Decades of education condensed expertly into days in a logical order conducive to learning more effectively and easily.

Get a great return on money invested

Education that improves you and your life is the best investment you can make and compounds for the rest of your life.

Get a great return on energy invested

High quality easy to digest curriculum of essential knowledge which you learn while having fun.

BAM is an educational system developed and delivered by a real practicing biologicals and ATMP expert in the field that has already helped and transformed thousands of people.

We know how it feels to struggle without the right education and experience.

Fortunately, for you, expert help is now available with this new program, the BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM).

The 3 Step Biologics & ATMPs BAM Training Plan

1.    INVEST in your team with BAM (either join our refined BAM program or ask for bespoke education based on your people, products and processes).

2.    LEARN how to apply the new skills, mindset & knowledge in your role & career.

3.    REAP the rewards of your investment and let it compound for the rest of your career enhanced by our continuous education programs.

Here’s what our students are saying about our Biologicals and ATMP training

Enjoyable and interesting. I found the training to be very well delivered and pitched at the right level. It was easy to follow and flowed well. I think knowledge of this topic is particularly pertinent with the increasing importance of Biologicals in the treatment of disease.

Ashley Massey

Qualified Person (QP), Almac.

Biologics and ATMP training attendee

 Jasbir is an excellent QP, trainer and speaker. He has very impressive broad and deep knowledge and experience of making medicines especially in Biologicals covering protein therapeutics, vaccines and ATMPs. The quality of the training content, the calibre of the trainer, and the delivery of the training were all excellent, combining technical expertise with audience engagement and entertainment. This training ranks amongst the best I’ve ever received. I would highly recommend Dr Jasbir Rattu. 5*.

Rose Buot.

Senior Director, Biotechnology, Cancer and Vaccines.

Biologics and ATMPs course student

Engaging, interactive, friendly environment, technical information is clear and well explained and there is great team-building with other trainees from different companies. 

Oi-Cuong Pham. 

QA Specialist. Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult.

At CeutiQus we help people who want to do, have, become and contribute more. Who want to make a difference in their lives and also in the lives of others; especially the patients that really need our innovative medicines.

This requires the right doses of discipline, perseverance and education. A lack of the relevant industry education blocks you from really taking off and worse can make you feel incompetent and insecure in your career, mission or purpose.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to excel and reach their highest potential in their chosen field.

Biologicals and Gene Therapy and Cell therapy and tissue engineering Masterclasses at the BAM by CeutiQus with Dr Jasbir Rattu
Cell and gene therapy and biologics training and education by Dr Jasbir Rattu at CeutiQus BAM

We understand (from experience) what’s it’s like to start the hard way with limited relevant education and industry experience and work our way up from the bottom over decades.

That’s why we are committed to being the best in our field and also teaching you the same knowledge, skills and mindset by packaging decades of insights into courses that run for days.

If you’d like to accelerate your development you can invest in and leverage BAM ASAP, so you can stop struggling and start enjoying a more fulfilling and exhilarating career and life.

Attend either

In-person Workshops


Digital Online Courses


Biological & Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)

1 Introduction to biological medicines including advanced therapy medicinal products ATMPs
2 Introduction to expression systems used to make biologicals
3 Introduction to molecular biology of the gene for genetic engineering in biologics and ATMPs
4 Introduction to recombinant DNA technology
5 Introduction to cell banks
6 Introduction to upstream processing in biological manufacture including ATMPs
7 Introduction to cell culture media for cell growth
8 Introduction to bioreactors used in biological bioprocessing
9 Introduction to Physical Process Parameters in Upstream processing USP
10 CQAs and CPPs in Upstream Processing USP
11 Protein Structure and analysis and testing
12 Downstream processing (DSP)
13 Downstream processing (DSP) advanced
14 Monoclonal antibodies MAbs
15 Vaccines
16 Cell therapy
17 Gene therapy
18 Oligonucleotides
19 Tissue engineering
20 Organ regeneration

Prefer Bespoke Company-specific Education & Training in ATMPs?

Are you a manufacturing company that wants bespoke cutting-edge ATMP science & compliance training expertly tailored to your company's products, processes, premises, people and problems?

Want it delivered onsite, off-site or online?

Contact us below so we can create the training experience you desire.

We will provide a FREE design consultation with an expert so it’s completely risk-free to try us.

Content and delivery of training was great- very practical applications in easy chunks to sustain attention. Delivery- excellent- pitched perfectly and enthusiasm was very infectious! Great mix of wisdom throughout which was interesting and uplifting. I thoroughly enjoyed your training. Perfect for me. I came away thinking if that was the standard of all training we would all have a fighting chance of achieving excellence. You have a wonderful effect, keep up the great work! The positive energy you radiate is rare Jasbir, I call that a gift! The best training session I have attended in a very, very long time. 10/10.

Sharon Wolfe. QA Specialist, Symbiosis.

Jasbir is evidently an expert in his field and demonstrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject. The content of his training is of a high standard and he makes the complex easier to understand. He has a relaxed and easy-going way which makes everyone feel comfortable about asking questions. Jasbir is very passionate about his work and this shows in his training. Overall, I have enjoyed the learning experience and appreciate the time and knowledge Jasbir has shared with us.

Frances Hannaway, Qualified Person (QP), Almac.

The training provided by CeutiQus was extremely well presented and perfectly pitched for all levels, from GMP novices to those with years of experience. The way in which the course built up from the basics to the finer details allowed me to develop knowledge acquired whilst working in the industry and learn plenty of new things. I would highly recommend the course to anybody wanting to learn more about biotherapeutics and the processes involved. Very clear and great all-round knowledge of trainer. Interesting, informative and enjoyable. Feel much more ready to work with ATMPs than before. 10/10.

Cameron Hughes, Quality Control (QC), Freeline Therapeutics.

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