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CeutiQus Director:

Dr Jasbir Rattu MPharm PhD MRSC MRPharmS MCQI CQP

Regenerative Medicines & Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) Consultant Industrial Pharmacist Qualified Person (QP)

CeutiQus offers strategic consultancy in biopharmaceutical product (especially ATMPs and regenerative medicines) and process development (QbD), business development and continuous improvements, Qualified Person (QP) services, and corporate education in many areas of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, regenerative medicines and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

Jasbir is an Industrial Pharmacist collaborating with biopharmaceutical companies, universities, hospitals and charities, globally and locally (glocally), to successfully develop and commercialise innovative advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) and regenerative medicines for unmet medical need.


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Jasbir is a professional and reliable mastery-committed medicines expert and leader who can support, lead and inspire your team.

He has over 20 years of continuous education in Pharmaceutical sciences with a professional background (Pharmacy) focusing and specialising in making medicines; providing both depth and breadth of foundational knowledge and rare combinations of skills in pharmaceuticals.

His highly sought after expertise is founded on a thorough and never-ending continuous education and professional development. The adept application of his knowledge in pharmaceuticals, with passion and commitment enables him to consistently deliver great results.

Industrial Pharmacist Qualified Person (QP)

Pharmacy is the most relevant and aligned degree and profession to perform the role of a QP.

Jasbir provides his clients with expert support and advice on the full range of pharmaceutical subjects (medicinal product design, development, clinical trials, commercialisation, manufacture, clinical use).

With excellence in both pharma sciences and business/entrepreneurship he supports all phases of product, people and company development.

PhD in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Product Design

  • Excellent foundation to the basic and applied science of pharmaceutical biotechnology
  • Proven ability to learn, think, apply knowledge, teach, creatively add value and solve problems at the cutting edge and make difficult decisions.

Rare Combination of Clinical, Hospital, Academic and Industrial Experience

Highly trained and experienced in: research (PhD+), clinical practice (Clinical Hospital Pharmacist) and global industrial manufacture (Industrial Pharmacist EU QP) allowing him to excel at understanding: patient clinical needs, advanced science, applied research and advanced industrial pharmaceutical technology to make reliable patient-centric decisions.

Broad Experience & Critical & Lateral Thinking Ability

Breadth of scientific and technical knowledge and its application (experience) across hundreds of biologicals including advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs).

Experienced QP with expert medicinal product knowledge gained from over 100 different pharmaceutical biotechnology (commercial and investigational) products including ATMPs.

Capable of lateral thinking and integrating a wide range of pharmaceutical subjects across advanced technology, science and clinical studies.

Understands, from experience, the different requirements of companies of various sizes and stages of development.

Uses pragmatic decision-making skills to derive the best solutions to compliantly meet customer and business needs.

Recognised Expert in Pharma Biotech and ATMPs

Jasbir is a recognised expert in Pharma Biotech and ATMPs. He teaches and speaks on Pharma Biotechnology and ATMPs in both academia and industry as a University lecturer, corporate educator, consultant and frequently invited conference speaker.

Consultant QP in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)

  • Consultant QP to cutting edge ATMP clients.
  • Experience, education and qualifications at cutting edge of medical/pharmaceutical sciences.

This is the clear vision of CeutiQus. We value vision, clarity, growth and contribution.


“My mission is to make life-saving and life-changing advanced regenerative medicines for unmet medical need, by any means, be it small molecules, large biologicals, cells, tissues or organs.”


Dr Jasbir Rattu. CeutiQus.

About Jasbir & CeutiQus- Innovating Quality Advanced Medicines Intelligently

Vision, Mission, Values

Making medicines is more than just my profession or craft.  It’s my passion and has become my life’s major purpose and mission.

A large part of my inspiration, from early on in my life, is my sister who was born with congenital glaucoma.

I have watched her grow to be the greatest and most inspiring person I know; full of compassion, wisdom, understanding, encouragement and an outstanding mother. She has immense vision despite her lack of vision. I couldn’t be more blessed or ask for a better sister and am eternally grateful.

I foolishly wasted a lot of my youth wrongfully believing that nothing or not much could be done for patients like her. But thankfully my limiting beliefs of what’s possible began to change…



“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Over 20 years ago I made a decision to use my talents, motivations and passions in biological, medical, physical and chemical sciences (science), craft, design and technology and apply them to what I thought was the best and most challenging and ambitious thing I could try to do with my life: to make life-saving and life-changing medicines.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.”


Chemistry, Biology and Craft, Design and Technology were the subjects I won ‘Top of the Year’ prizes in at Wolverhampton Grammar School so I instinctively knew my greatest chance of success in life would be in doing what I love doing, what I’m naturally talented at and what am highly motivated to do.

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.”

Earl Nightingale

Pharmacy is the branch of Medicine which specialises in making medicines. After a lot of career research and analysis on my best course of action, I decided to study Pharmacy to become an expert on medicines. In reality, I am more of a student today than I ever was. I’ve learned experts are continuous learners.  I’ve also learnt leaders are readers.

“Love what you do and do what you love.”

Jasbir Rattu

A Master of Pharmacy degree is my foundation as a multidisciplinary expert on medicines. Its many applications has helped me understand patients’ clinical needs and given me the solid foundation required for thorough, professional, expert knowledge on the design, development, manufacture and clinical use of medicines.

Straight out of University I successfully gained a highly competitive Industry-Hospital pre-registration pharmacist placement (where there were only around 10 places in the whole of the UK between thousands of graduating pharmacist applicants) with a prestigious Pharmaceutical company (Merck) and the world-famous Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Subsequently, I gained my PhD in Medicinal Product (Biopharmaceutical) Design from the world-class University of Manchester (which had the highest rating for both research and teaching in the UK).

I consider myself fortunate to be a postdoctoral level scientist and a Healthcare Professional (Pharmacist) who is clinically trained and experienced, having also worked in many NHS and private hospitals.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

Since becoming an experienced Industrial Pharmacist, I am eligible as an EU Qualified Person (QP) in all EU countries (Industrial Pharmacist) and Authorised Person in the rest of the world. I am highly experienced in multiple product type drug development activities in world-class biopharmaceutical companies, I have consulted for many innovative clients, including internationally in global positions, for major multinationals such as Merck, GSK, Novartis and also in smaller and medium-sized cutting-edge biotech companies, universities, hospitals and charities.

We believe greatness comes from serving as many people as you possibly can.


This is the clear vision of CeutiQus. We value vision, clarity, growth and contribution.

For further information on our services, be it consulting, coaching, training, speaking, please get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.

ATMP & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Services Offered


Please get in touch for further information on Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Speaking.

Qualified Person (QP) Service from Early Stage to Commercialisation

We provide QP services for all Pharmaceutical Biotechnology products including Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), such as cell therapy, gene therapy and tissue engineering. We’re experienced at dealing with uncertainty and working at the cutting-edge! We have helped organisations from the earliest concept stages to global commercial manufacture.

Product, Process & Facility Design & Development (inc. QbD) Consultancy 

Biological and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) & Process Development, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) & Quality by Design (QbD) Consultancy. We have supported the facility design of biopharmaceuticals and ATMP facilities to ensure a favourable balance of future-proof operational efficiency, compliance and patient safety.

Continuous Business Improvement 

Experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt; we improve quality, productivity, brand, reputation, patient-centredness, customer satisfaction. Your customers should come back not your products!

Quality Risk Management (QRM)

We create asymmetric risk-reward ratios to stack the odds in your favour with larger margins of safety for patient protection. This is our highest value.

Education & Training & Talent Development

We support the development of your greatest assets; your people, with worldclass education and training provided by the BioPharmaceutiQals Academy Masterclass (BAM), including succession planning e.g. trainee QP coaching and mentoring. We enable you to attract, recruit, train and retain the best.

Regulatory Authority Permanent Inspection Readiness Preparation

We improve compliance, capability and confidence with the best advice on best practice to reduce inspection-anxiety and increase TRUST with regulatory authorities on a continuous basis for sustainable success.

Internal Self-Inspections and External GMP Audits

We provide comprehensive internal and external audits e.g. of your suppliers for excellent supply chain managment. We aim to not just make improvements but also build great partnerships within and outside the company.

We are frequently invited to speak at corporations and conferences.

We are frequently invited to speak at corporations and conferences on our expertise. We have also delivered onsite corporate training to multiple companies in the areas of making quality biological and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), investigating deviations effectively and efficiently, Quality by Design (QbD) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).



  • Jasbir is evidently an expert in his field and demonstrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject. The content of his training is of a high standard and he makes the complex easier to understand. He has a relaxed and easy-going way which makes everyone feel comfortable about asking questions. Jasbir is very passionate about his work and this shows in his training. Overall, I have enjoyed the learning experience and appreciate the time/knowledge Jasbir has shared with us.

    Frances Hannaway, QP
  • I had the good fortune to work directly with Jasbir when I was Head of Production at TC BioPharm where Jasbir was employed as a contract releasing QP for an IMP. Jasbir is a highly qualified and skilled individual. He is very thorough and demonstrates a pragmatic approach to his duties. He is extremely knowledgable in six sigma analysis and in root cause analysis. He is a great leader in Quality investigations and extremely thorough and diligent in this regard. He has a good coaching style when involved with investigation teams which ensures that all levels of staff feel able to contribute and the team, as a whole, benefits immensely from this approach. Jasbir's talents are wide ranging and I have no hesitation in recommending his skills and services within the Pharma and Healthcare sectors.

    Andy Chadder
    Andy Chadder Technical Director, Symbiosis
  • Jasbir is an excellent QP, trainer and speaker. He has very impressive broad and deep knowledge and experience of making medicines especially in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology covering protein therapeutics, vaccines and ATMPs. The quality of the training content was good the calibre of the trainer was excellent and the delivery of the training was good combining technical expertise with audience engagement and entertainment. This training ranks amongst the best I've received. I would highly recommend Dr Jasbir Rattu.

    Rose Buot
    Rose Buot Senior Director, Biotechnology Cancer and Vaccine
  • Dr Jasbir Rattu is a knowledgeable and pragmatic leader. He has a desire to learn and, more importantly, to understand to ensure that his decisions are based on fact. He has a natural ability to explain the reasons behind his actions calmly and succinctly which helps others to understand, and makes him an easy leader to follow. He has inspired me and challenged me to do more, and I have seen others who have been similarly influenced. He is good at delegating but does not shirk responsibility or work himself and would be an asset to any team. Jasbir, I wish you good luck for the future.

    James Macdonald
    James Macdonald Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD)
  • Jasbir is extremely knowledgeable and his delivery is excellent. I found the course extremely beneficial in helping to understand all the processes involved in biological product manufacturing.

    Catherine Devine
  • During my time working with Jasbir I have found him to be a pragmatic but thorough professional whose knowledge and approach will be greatly missed. I have worked alongside Jasbir through various Cross-Funcional Investigations and Quality related problem solving exercises and have learnt a considerable amount from his input. When arranging a cross-functional team, Jasbir is at the top of my list when choosing a QA representative. He will succeed in any role due to his mindset and work ethic. I wish him every success for the future.

    Tom Beecher
    Tom Beecher Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD)
  • Prior to this training I had no background in the scope of topics covered by the pharma biotech training. The breadth of text, diagrams, videos, schematics and trainer dialogue has been most appreciated.The delivery of the training has been excellent- knowledgeable, passionate and engaging training delivery. Jasbir is just a good lad. Rated 10/10.

    Cathal O'Reilly
  • Through my experience working with Dr Jasbir Rattu, not only has he the knowledge and professionalism to perform the QP role to a high standard but he has demonstrated the ability to assimilate new information quickly and openly takes on board other views before coming to decisions relating to batch release.

    Robin Best GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  • Jasbir's credibility and expertise is excellent. The presentations were well set out. Jas you made it fun because you can tell you really enjoy and are interested in this area. This course has dramatically increased my understanding of biological processes and their use in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Lisa Hagan
  • I have known Dr. Jasbir during our postgraduate study at the University of Manchester. We shared supervisor and worked closely on a related projects. He was an exceptional chemist; hard working and fun to work with; I could say one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with. He works incredibly well with both colleagues and supervisors and his presence is always a welcome pleasure in any work environment. He is very bright, creative and effective who gets things done with passion. I would highly recommend Dr. Jasbir Rattu for any job he chooses to tackle.

    Dr. Mengisteab Gebrezgiabher The University of Manchester (PhD)
  • I have enjoyed the collective learning aspect of the training. The ability to ask questions at the time which are applicable to my job role and gain further understanding from the responses given. The first-hand knowledge and applicable anecdotes in relation to the topics given. Jasbir's expertise is extremely highly rated, content is of a high quality and of the appropriate detail and the delivery is relaxed, enjoyable to listen to and take part in. High level of information, well explained, with important real-life examples. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Jasbir as a trainer. 10/10.

    Aidan Gibbon
  • Very impressed with your knowledge! The training has been very informative and gives us the bigger picture of what we do and why.

    Victoria Willilams
  • Jasbir's expertise is rated highly, the Quality of the Content is very good and the delivery has good pace and content. Excellent advanced QP.

    Jonathan Bradshaw QP
  • My trainer is very knowledgeable and is very good at delivering all relevant information referring to a experiences he has been exposed to. The content is of high quality and delivery and discussions are clear. I would recommend this to others as it has greatly increased my knowledge and would be beneficial to anyone interested in biologics and their manufacture.

    Caitriona Daly
  • Dr Jasbir is one of the most highly articulate and professional persons I have worked with. We worked together on process improvement and investigation of deviation on vaccine manufacturing when he was the QP in my former company. Dr Jasbir has a very positive and pragmatic view on problem solving within the bio pharmaceutical industry.

    Cyril Okolie MedImmune & AstraZeneca
  • I find the training extremely interesting. The content is applicable and I am finding that it makes sense to me whenever I review IMPDs/batch records. The delivery is excellent, easy to follow. I find the videos help a lot with my understanding of the topic. The training helped me put a lot of things in context.

    Lindsay Ace
  • Really good presentations- a lot of information conveyed but delivery was really knowledgeable- responses always forthcoming.

    William Beck
  • Very high quality content, excellent trainer who provided a great level/standard of delivery and training. An excellent overview of Biologics and everything we do to release these products. Thanks for the excellent training sessions.

    Louise Graham
  • Content and trainer were excellent, starting from basics and built up to final products. Presented in a style that really helps understand a complex subject and also encourage questions and discussions. A very good course for someone like me who comes from a small molecule background. Many thanks for the excellent training.

    Brian Lightower Almac
  • Enjoyable and interesting. I found the training to be very well delivered and pitched at the right level. It was easy to follow and flowed well. I think knowledge of this topic is particularly pertinent with the increasing importance of Biologicals in the treatment of disease.

    Ashley Massey
  • The credibility, expertise and delivery of "The Formulation of Parenteral Medicines" were very good and the quality of the content was excellent. Based on my experience, I'm very likely to recommend Jasbir as a trainer.

    Andy Carey Pfizer
  • A true professional; always approachable with a wealth of knowledge in biologics and pragmatic in regards to business requirements

    Cajan Aathithan Bio Products Lab (BPL)
  • Content and delivery of training was great- very practical applications in easy chunks to sustain attention. Delivery- excellent- pitched perfectly and enthusiasm was very infectious! Great mix of wisdom throughout which was interesting and uplifting. I thoroughly enjoyed your training. Perfect for me. I came away thinking if that was the standard of all training we would all have a fighting chance of achieving excellence. You have a wonderful effect, keep up the great work! The positive energy you radiate is rare Jasbir, I call that a gift! The best training session I have attended in a very, very long time. 10/10.

    Sharon Wolfe Symbiosis
  • The "How to investigate deviations effectively and efficiently" course was well presented, engaging, applicable and interesting! I would recommend this training to everybody at all levels of a company. Everybody would get something positive from this session. 10/10.

    Andy Chadder Technical Director, Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services


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